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darklink's Journal

21 January 1983
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When waking dreams turn into sleepless nights thoughts are birthed and ideas evolved.

This is the livejournal of E.M. August Owner of Bit Riot Records / Bit Riot Publishing / Bit Riot Entertainment. To view my personal myspace check out E.M. August @ Myspace.

Aside from the business side of music I love to work in the studio or just jam out live. I have played live as a member of Caustic, Defcon, Cyanotic, Breath and Decay and of course PTI.. I might have even sung a song or two with Acumen Nation and Cruciform Injection.

I sing, write, and produce for WTII Recording Artists

I am also have a solo project on Bit Riot Records called Breath and Decay

For more info on Bit Riot Records check out:
Bit Riot Records Official Web Page
Bit Riot Records @ Live Journal
Bit Riot Records @ Myspace

For more info on Breath and Decay check out:
Breath and Decay Official Web Page (Coming Soon!)
Breath and Decay @ Live Journal (Coming Soon!)
Breath and Decay @ Myspace (Coming Soon!)